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Alisa’s has written many books for children to enjoy. Each has a spiritual message to encourage, instruct and empower. You can find these books on Amazon or contact Alisa regarding bulk orders. 

Guardian Angels for Children!

Angels bring comfort to children. "Guardian Angels: a Book about Angels for Children" will help kids overcome everyday, and not so everyday, fears and challenges. This delightful picture book will bring children comfort in loneliness, in the dark, while getting teased, when facing pressures at school, during the big game and in many other situations children need a little protection. You have found the perfect gift for a child who has trouble falling asleep at night or getting on the school bus in the morning. Help kids face their many fears with Guardian Angels.


Jesus for Kids!

Confused and Curious have a lot of questions about what they learned at church today. The teacher told them that Jesus died on a cross to take their sins away, and Confused just doesn’t understand what this means. That’s why he goes to Mom for help. Curious listens in while Mom gives Confused the answers to some really hard questions about Jesus. Mom saves the day by keeping it all simple. The story ends with a prayer that helps Confused and Curious find new names.......FAITH and TRUST!

This book is perfect for kids that are preparing for communion and baptism. It’s also a friend of children who just want more answers about who Jesus really is. Salvation, forgiveness and other spiritual mysteries are explained with the simplicity of a child through Jesus for Kids.

Guardian Angels Coloring Book!

Guardian Angels: A Coloring Book about Angels for Children helps children (and adults) see that angels are everywhere. Kids will color angels that are women, men, rabbits, horses, cats, dogs and children as they explore the pages of this encouraging book. Twenty eight whimsical, hand drawn illustrations will give any coloring artist (big or small) the comfort that comes with knowing they are not alone. “Guardian Angels: A Coloring Book about Angels for Children” will help anyone relax as they play with color and bring these delightful illustrations to life. Peace will be with you.

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