Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak. -Buddah

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Background and Mission:

Alisa E. Clark believes in the power of mindfulness painting: the power to be peaceful while being fully aware and in the present moment. While receiving a B.F.A. from Pratt Institute and an M.S. in education, Alisa gained a deeper understanding of painting as a meditative practice. While her formal training has helped her understand her painting process better, it is not when her process began. She began entering the “Mindful Zone” while painting and creating when she could first pick up a crayon. Unaware that her painting process was an exercise in mindfulness, she continued to make art throughout her life. She just did what came naturally for many engaged in the artistic process: being present, noticing, meditating and being aware. 

Being present, noticing, meditating, and being aware.....

Alisa's recent exploration of mindfulness has prompted her to look back on a lifetime of artmaking and notice that her painting process is not unique. In fact, it is quite universal. The world is now using the word “mindfulness” to describe an experience that is in no way new. It is easily as old as the paintbrush. Alisa has begun to seek for ways to share her painting process and encourage people to engage in the process alongside her. Alisa hopes that Mindfulness Paintings offers others a new opportunity to be more mindful, peaceful and aware.
Alisa E. Clark
Fine Artist


Suggestions for beginning or digging deeper into the painting process can be found in Alisa’s latest book titled Mindfulness Paintings: A Book of Creative Meditation Exercises, Artwork, and Art Activities

Check out LiminalSpaceArt.com to learn about creative process in life’s in-betweens. Read Art and Liminal Space: Liminality and Creative Process in Life’s Places and Spaces (Available on Amazon) to learn about the benefits of art making in times of transition. 

Visit www.JourneyOnCanvas.com to learn about Alisa’s spiritual autobiography, Dancing in the Doghouse: Sharing God’s Presence in Everyday Places

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If you have questions about mindfulness painting, spiritual autobiography, liminal space art, or any of Alisa’s books, you can contact her directly for assistance. Contact Alisa with questions, comments and suggestions at [email protected].

Alisa's Painting Process

As I wait for “What’s Next,” I paint my way to understanding the present moment, what came before, and what lies ahead.  Looking for themes in my work helps me in this process. Join me as I explore the themes weaved within my works. Finding threads that connect artistic works is part of the process: a process that brings the artist and the viewer to a deeper understanding of oneself and our place in the world.


As a liminal artist, I was (and still am) compelled to investigate surrealist techniques. Through experimentation and play, my surrealist explorations gave me new tools to express the liminal. The surreal is defined as being “of or like a dream.” This is how I would describe my experience of time when in the throes of the creative process. Below, you will find some surrealist techniques beside my creative investigations. My hope is that these “investigations” will inspire us to find new ways to express the liminal experience.

Hidden Themes

Dad never considered himself an artist, but his scientific research is full of detailed drawings of cells. I like thinking that I made “Dad’s Cells” with my father. Look and you will see his cell drawings hidden throughout this canvas. This creative act supports my process of letting him go. You can find hints of my father in my work. Sometimes it’s cells, doors, nature, or pieces of a scientific journal. Remembering Dad through my work happens through the use of thematic elements such as these. I have ways of remembering through the use of such themes in my creations.

Dad’s Cells, 2018