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Childhood Art Experiences

“Childhood” is an experimental piece created to grasp my earliest, primal childhood art experiences; ones that most powerfully formed and shaped my present creative process. This assemblage sculpture started with a list of things that formed my artistic process: things like macrame, beads, macaroni, and yarn. I am mindful of the ways capturing “Childhood” pushed the limits of every aspect of my creative process.

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The Unlocking of My Mind

The woman you see in “The Unlocking of My Mind” is me, and the lock symbolizes the unlocking of my mind: the new ability to see outside the box and comprehend the “truth” of others who live and believe differently from me. The lock also represents the oppression of others. There’s a little more symbolism in this artwork. I am of Greek origin. A hand-made wreath of tree leaves, twigs, fruits, and flowers is customary for Greek women, and I wear that wreath in this painting. “Wreath” means “a thing bound around.” It can represent a restriction or “a place with certain limits.” I ask the question, “In what ways was I raised and taught to see restrictions and limits on others and myself?” “The Unlocking of My Mind” is all about this question.

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Is That Really Me?

I am mindful of the challenge: combining 25 surrealistic art techniques including cut outs, cubomania, collage, bulletism, automatism, graphomania, and excavation. Bright red splotches, black drips, white splatters, and a faceless cutout cover the surface of this canvas. In the present moment, I can see this exercise stretching me.

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Paint It As You See It

As I remember it, I paint it as I see it. The door wasn’t really red. The house wasn’t yellow. Somehow, changing the colors makes it just right. I paint it as I see it today. I am mindful of my memories, and I am aware of how they bring meaning to the present moment. This blog is an encouragement to paint it as you see it.

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Paint and Release

I painted these candlesticks while my mind recalled bits and pieces of memories: memories that are getting foggier and foggier. There’s something healing about painting it. When I complete a painting, I release my hold on something I was holding too tightly. Paint and release. Paint and release. With each stroke of the brush, I am aware of how peaceful I am. There is something incredibly soothing about the entire process. I am mindful of the reality that art is an incredible gift. Read this blog to learn more about the incredible gift of creative process.

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