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Imagining Genesis in 3D

Let There Be Light is a 3D sculpture that includes angelic beings that come alive through the captivating dance of LED lights. Envisioning Genesis in 3D is easier when the viewer sees my angels working together to represent distinct stages of Earth’s creation. All are lit from a central, glowing “Earth” orb.

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Assemblage Sculpture: Art Explorations

This sculpture has many experimental elements. I handcrafted the lazy susan. I then experimented with a variety of stains and staining techniques to create a finish for this turntable. I also faced the new challenge of making the orb iridescent using Glass Bead Gel and iridescent powders. Finally, “Assemblage Sculpture: Art Explorations” challenged me to successfully experiment with ways to add light within the orb, so that this piece would glow. Explorations in “Assemblage Sculpture: Art Explorations” brought this piece titled “I See Life” to life.

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Making Sculptures with Powertex

Being mindful of your materials and art making processes helps art makers create work while “fully present” in the moment. Consider these angel sculptures that are made with Powertex Textile Medium. The angels have been painted white and then covered with a sheen of blues, greens, and golds. This blog gives instructions and demonstrations for making all types of 3D sculptures with Powertex Textile Medium.

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Fiber Art

This fiber art 3D relief is made from a list of things that formed my artistic process: macrame, beads, cardboard, pieces of cloth, swatches of burlap, macaroni, yarn, pipe cleaners, crayons, buttons, childlike colors, pom poms, and found objects reinvented from a child’s perspective. Fiber elements allow me to include fascinatingly colorful, textural details echoing first memories of art making.

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Childhood Art Experiences

“Childhood” is an experimental piece created to grasp my earliest, primal childhood art experiences; ones that most powerfully formed and shaped my present creative process. This assemblage sculpture started with a list of things that formed my artistic process: things like macrame, beads, macaroni, and yarn. I am mindful of the ways capturing “Childhood” pushed the limits of every aspect of my creative process.

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The Unlocking of My Mind

The woman you see in “The Unlocking of My Mind” is me, and the lock symbolizes the unlocking of my mind: the new ability to see outside the box and comprehend the “truth” of others who live and believe differently from me. The lock also represents the oppression of others. There’s a little more symbolism in this artwork. I am of Greek origin. A hand-made wreath of tree leaves, twigs, fruits, and flowers is customary for Greek women, and I wear that wreath in this painting. “Wreath” means “a thing bound around.” It can represent a restriction or “a place with certain limits.” I ask the question, “In what ways was I raised and taught to see restrictions and limits on others and myself?” “The Unlocking of My Mind” is all about this question.

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