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Mindfulness Paintings Blog!

The Mindfulness Paintings Blog will explore creative meditation exercises, mindfulness artwork and mindfulness art activities. Please share your thoughts, ideas and experiences as we journey towards being more mindful as we create. This is a safe place for the inner artist to share, notice and grow in mindfulness.


Create and Find that Hope Has Power

July 10, 2020

Written by: mindfulnesspaintings

While I wait for an uncertain future, I find hope in creative expression. Consider exploring the power of your creative side: its power to help you navigate these uncertain times with a little more peace and hope. Maybe you used to sketch? Maybe it’s time to revisit your sketchbook? Time to pick up your knitting needles or your camera? If you once made something or if you desire to make something, I say, “Now is the time!” Art making has carried me through some pretty rough times, and it is a primary way I experience my spirituality. I’m finding that a way to connect with God right now is pretty handy, and creative activities can help you make that connection. I figured now is not the time to be shy about putting myself out there with this, because I know there are people out there who are really struggling. Consider channeling that energy into some kind of creative pursuit. Don’t do it to be good at it. Do it because it just might help you make it through this. Get lost in creating something. If nothing else, you will forget about some of the hard stuff that’s been occupying your mind. Hope has power, and making something might help you find some?


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