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Mindfulness Paintings Blog!

The Mindfulness Paintings Blog will explore creative meditation exercises, mindfulness artwork and mindfulness art activities. Please share your thoughts, ideas and experiences as we journey towards being more mindful as we create. This is a safe place for the inner artist to share, notice and grow in mindfulness.


A Mindful Space to Explore Your Creative Process

June 29, 2021

Written by: mindfulnesspaintings

Alcohol inks usually come in a round, plastic storage container. It’s a container that takes up space on my art making surface. I also have to remove the glass jars in a way that is cumbersome and inefficient. When I am making art, I want to be able to explore my creative process rather than being bogged down in choosing and accessing my materials. This allows me to be distraction free and mindful of my purposes for creating.  

I absolutely love the organization solution for my alcohol inks that’s shown in the photo below. I have discovered that I used to miss out on color choices or completely forgot about my inks altogether. Now, all my choices are front and center. It is pure pleasure to be able to make my next creative choice without interruption. This leaves me more centered, aware, and mindful. 

You probably won’t care for my ink organization solution. In fact, it might present you with limitations. It’s just a starting point. This blog is about making space to explore your creative process. What do you need front and center as you create? How can you best access what you need when you need it? What solution will allow you to be mindful of your creative process? 

A photo of an organizer for alcohol inks that makes all the color choices easily visible.

This is a photo of an organizer for alcohol inks. It makes all the color choices easily visible and easily selected.


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